Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What was your secret?

I have spent more time on the phone with friends and family in the last few days than I have for years. As I talk to each person, we consistenly find ourselves embraced by all the memories we shared with you. The memories go on and on Taige. One common theme keeps coming up though. A theme I never really thought about much before. Some how, some way, you had a way....a way to make anyone do anything! Some of the crazy stuff you convinced me to do! Unbelievable! New...and old friends alike...I bet everyone can relate. What was your secret Taige? How did you do that? My answer...Maybe it was the smile...the laughter....the face you would chase me around with if I didn't agree....or the fact that I knew you'd just pick me up (like a rag doll) and make me do whatever anyway....or maybe....just was your desire to make everyone around you feel as alive as you did. I think that was your secret Taige. You had a way of embracing every single moment. You lived every single moment. And simply put, you wanted everyone around you to do the same. And we did Taige. We did around you. Thank you...thank you so much. Love, Katie (little schoombie)

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This post made me laugh and cry. You are absolutely right. He had a special way....