Friday, November 13, 2009

Big Air at Keystone

Taige and I spent a lot of time together skiing; this is one of my favorite incidents involving Taige and skiing...

In the beginning he was cautious, but after just a short time he was better than the rest of us- and fearless! It blew my mind how ready he was to jump off the edge of a cliff without even worrying one bit! His judgement was usually pretty good, after a margarita however, different story. Anyone remember the HUGE bruise Taige had that went from mid-back to knee and was the gnarliest thing you ever saw? I wasn’t there, but he filled me in on his lack of judgement and agility. After downing a man-sized margarita he decided it would be in his best interest to find the biggest jump possible in the park at Keystone and of course jump off it. In true Taige fashion, not only did he jump off the largest jump but did a backflip off too! Would you believe that he actually landed it?! The only problem was he caught an edge and ate it after the fact. Safe to say that day was the last of his margarita/big air phase!


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