Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My feet are dragging!

While getting ready for the day today, I started crying (again). This time...they were tears from laughter.
October 2000. We both just started our freshmen year in college. You were in Missoula, I was in Colorado. A few months in, we decided it was time you came down for a visit. I remember being so happy to see you! Our agenda: Six Flags! I don't remember anything about our time at six flags except one trumps all other possible memories. You convinced me (of course) to go on that scary rollar coaster where people's feet hang down with nothing below them. I HATE rollar coasters...but you talked me into it. We got on. I'm scared out of my mind....and you of course are laughing. So the ride begins. Up...up...up. Click click click click. Oh boy. zoooOOOOMMMM! Down we go! You of course....hands in the air, screaming. Me...jaw clenched tight, eyes closed. Then:

You said, "Katie! My feet are dragging my feet are dragging!"

Me, "whatever Taige! Don't tell me that! I'm freaked out."

You, "No! feet are dragging on the ground!"

The rest of the ride consisted of you yelling about your feet and me trying hard not believe you. We got off the ride...finally!

You said again, "Katie....seriously, my feet were dragging on the ground! Look!"

Then you lifted up your foot...and yes...there it was. The rubber on your shoes had been scrapped down to the fabric of your shoe! I couldn't believe it! Each time the rollar coaster dipped down close to the ground, everyone else's feet were a safe distance from the ground below, but you on the other hand...not at all! Even the rollar coaster designers didin't account for a man of your size! You were a giant indeed. I think you were just too big for this world....your heart...your soul, all too big for this world. Now you are in a place, where you can stretch your legs out...even on a rollar coaster.

Note: The story would later develop in me making you go on that rollar coaster... :) always made a better story anyway (I can hear you now, "no, made me go on that thing!").

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