Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hi Richard.

I was out a few nights ago. Just sitting at the bar, not really drinking my cider. (Which you would have called me a glutard for) And Phoenix came on. Listzomania came on. I burst into tears.
I just want to dance with you again, and dodge your arms and shoulders swinging around. (I laugh as I write that)

I walked into the office at Centro on Sunday night. Ash had told me to grab something from her purse. I walked in completely expecting to see you turn around in your chair with that guilty look on your face. I would have then said "What are you listening to and who are you stalking on facebook?" Last time it was La Roux (you then started calling Molly that) Megan and I told you about la Roux forever ago it seems, and you were just then getting into it. "I'm not your toy, this is not another girl meets boy" You turned it up really loud and laughed at the video on youtube. "Look at her dress! It's amazing!" I started singing with it and so did you, but every time you would start singing something I was singing I would get thrown off because you'd sing so loud and so off!
There are so many things to say. I miss so many things about you.
But mostly I just miss your presence. You had a way of filling up a place in my life and there is no way to fill it ever again.
I know you wouldn't want to see us sad and crying. But, understand that we can't help but mourn the loss of such an amazingly beautiful person.
I can't stop crying now, so I don't know what else to say.
I love you so much, we all love you so very very much. And you'll always be a part of our lives.