Saturday, November 13, 2010

One Year Later...

Riding the waves of life, you sometimes find yourself at the crest, with a clear view of everything around you, and the sun shinning on your smiling face. Other times, you wake up in the trough, far from the warming rays of the sun and without a hope of ever getting out. If life's lessons in the past year have accumulated to anything, it is the analogy of this wave. My dad says, "Feelings are only temporary." While its hard to believe when you are at the bottom of the trough, it does seem to be true. Even if only for a minuscule moment, it happens, and those in the dark are brought again into the light.  

A few other things I have learned this year... everyone grieves differently. There is no right way to go about doing it, for some people it is a social experience, for others a quiet and more personal process. For however different they are, a solid foundation in gratuity remains clear and consistent, as every person who ever crossed His path would agree, that smile and laugh were the best, and I am ever thankful to have lavished in their presence. 

On that note, here is a little piece of that smile-  Much love.

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Z said...

Thanks Crystal... I hope you're doing well. I was so happy to read this today. Lots of love.