Friday, February 26, 2010

From Carly Otte

Taige, Really missing you right now. Just wish I could walk down to Centro or give you a call, you just always knew the right thing to say and damn, one of those hugs would mean the world right now. Today, we lost yet another great one from our skiing community. CR was such a great person and I have known him through my brother for years. He truly had a passion for skiing and it meant the world to him. After his accident in 05', he really understood how lucky he was to be here; appreciating everything he had. I have come to known many in the skiing profession, but CR was grateful everyday for his skiing ability. I had the chance recently to hang out with him and my four brothers and he was just so amped to be with us all, laughing and telling stories. It was funny too that some things he brought up in Aspen reminded me of you and I was quickly upset. However, I was comforted by his kind energy and was surprised by his kind words. He has brought so much great energy and memories to my brother Colin and this will be a hard change for all of us. It really stirred up feelings from losing you and I just am sitting here wondering why we have to lose those that are so positive for the rest of us. It just doesn't seem fair, yet I can only accept it and allow it to happen. Keep your eyes open for his arrival as I am sure you would learn alot from each other. More importantly, you will be ripping it up there together. Enjoy the snow, make sure you give him a big hug from all of us, miss you always...xxoo

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